Who are Frankie & Daisy?

Yes, Frankie & Daisy are Corky’s sisters and they look like the girls on the tag! The French tag line reads “Petite Soeurs Jumelles de Corky” which translates to “Small Twin Sisters of Corky.”  The inspiration for the line came at a dinner in New York a few Frankie & Daisy were born.  Our sales people from New York, Boston and Philadelphia, our design team and other key Corky managers went for a lively dinner in Little Italy where we all decided we should start a swimwear line and then we all stumbled out onto Mulberry street to buy a fake designer purse for all the ladies.  There was a tiny problem, the head of design, Corky’s mom, was at home under doctors orders and had no idea she would be designing a Swimsuits & coverups over the next several months.  Corky’s Dad, called home the next day to “convince” mom about the swimwear line only to learn that he was needed at home because mom was going to the hospital.... the new babies were coming!  A four hour car ride from New York to home took a little over two hours but, Frankie & Daisy didn’t arrive until 5 DAYS LATER(the docs stopped mom’s labor and she was kept at the hospital so the babies lungs could get stronger)


Who in the world is Frankie?    

Born: March 9, 2002 at 4:16 am    

Best Friend:    Daisy   

Eyes:  Blue     hair: Brown         

Branded: May 7, 2002   

First Photo Shoot:  August 31, 2002   

Alias:  Avery, Frances and Aves, Little Avery,  twittle and twinkle

Likes: Swimming, dancing, gymnastics, puzzles, Writing her name, playing on the computer, Dragon Tales,  fixing things, cleaning up messes,  singing, and school     

Dislikes: Going to bed, being “bossed around”, making mistakes.

Who in the world is Daisy?    

Born: March 9, 2002 at 3:57 am 

Best Friend:    Frankie      

Eyes:  Blue     hair: Blonde    

Branded: May 7, 2002   

First Photo Shoot:  August 31, 2002

Alias: Lynden, Lulu, Loo, Freshie Freshenstein and Trouble

Likes: Swimming, Breaking things, going to bed, Barney, Swimming, her blanket(“Big Yellow”), making messes singing, Watermelon, and taking off her clothes.

Dislikes: Cleaning up messes, being “rushed”, having her hair brushed

avery cover fall
cover avery2
LULU bathing suit rocks
avery swim Dots1
tiny dancer lulu sm2



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